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Industrial Hose Reel


Hose Reel 820 Series
Spring driven drum: for automatic rewind.
Locking ratchet: to maintain the desired
length of hose in use.
Read the following precautions and instructions before you begin assembly or using. Failure to comply with these instructions could result in personal injury or property damage. Keep these instructions in a convenient location for future reference.
Hose Reel Safety Precautions
1. Make sure incoming line pressure does not exceed the rated operating pressure for your model hose reel.
2. Use proper eye protection when assembling and using the hose reel.
3. Assemble the hose reel on a clean workbench.
4. Use soap and water when checking for leaks.
5. Keep children away from the work area.
Warning: Exposure of skin directly to pressurized air, or fluids could result in severe bodily injury.
Installation of Reel
1) For overhead ceiling mounting: Install reel at least 10 feet above the floor.
2) If the reel you have purchased does not have hose included, you will need to purchase
and attach. Refer to Specifications on box, to determine appropriate hose size and length.
3) You will need to purchase appropriate hardware for mounting your new reel.
  • The reel base has four 12.7mm (1/2”) drilled holes for mounting on a suitable flat surface. Figure 2 is a template showing the correct location of the 4 mounting holes in the base.
  • The reel is supplied with a hose guide roller bracket. The bracket position may be changed depending on the reel mounting position. Figure 2 shows “Typical Mounting positions”. If bracket position needs to be changed, do the following:
  • Pull out some hose and let reel latch.
  • Remove the bolts that attach the guide roller bracket to the support post.
  • Rotate guide roller bracket to correct position, replace bolts, and tighten.
  • Using the four holes in the base, mount the reel in the desired location. Be sure to use appropriate hardware and tighten securely.
  • Apply Teflon tape or pipe sealant to supply line threads, attach to reel inlet and tighten. The other end of incoming line can now be connected to desired supply source.
  • If hose has been supplied with reel: Apply Teflon tape or pipe sealant to outlet fitting on reel hose, then attach to desired tool, or nozzle. Check connection for leakage, also check hose reel for correct operation. See: Operation section.
  • If hose stopper adjustment is required, pull hose from reel and allow to latch at desired length. Loosen stopper bolts, and slide stopper to a position close to the hose guide. Tighten stopper bolts, and unlatch the reel.
Installation of Hose
  • Securely stabilize the reel.
  • Facing the swivel fitting side of reel: Turn the drum clockwise, by hand, until the rewind spring is tight, and drum has latched. As an extra precaution while installing new hose, secure drum in the latched position.
  • Insert end of the hose through guide roller bracket, and feed through the opening in the center of the drum hub.
  • Screw fitting into swivel and tighten. Note: To avoid damage to the swivel, use a wrench to support the swivel fitting while tightening the hose.
  • Attach hose stopper on the other end of hose, near the outlet fitting.
  • Carefully release drum latch, and slowly allow hose to wind onto the reel.

Note: Final spring tension adjustment is accomplished by adding wraps of hose around the drum (to increase tension) or taking off wraps of hose (to decrease tension). Refer to: Adjustment of Spring Tension.
Wall Floor Ceiling

Check reel for correct operation by slowly pulling out the hose. A “clicking” noise will be heard every half revolution of the drum.

  • To latch the reel, pull out the hose and allow it to retract after hearing the first second or third “ click”.
  • To unlatch, slowly pull out the hose until the “clicking” noise stops, and then let the hose retract until the hose stop rests against the hose guide.
Note: To avoid damage to the reel, always hold on to the hose while it is rewinding.
  • Periodically check the hose condition for wear or damage, and check the swivel
fitting for leakage. Replace any worn, damaged, or leaking parts.
Adjustment of Spring Tension
  • Pull out approximately 6ft or 2m of hose and allow the drum to latch.
  • Remove hose stopper from hose, and feed hose back through guide.
  • Wrap the pulled hose one time around the drum to increase tension or un-wrap hose one time from drum to decrease tension.
  • Re-insert hose through guide, and install stopper onto hose end.
5. Unlatch the drum and check tension. Pull hose from reel, and adjust stopper position if necessary.
Replacement of Swivel Seals
Note: There are two types of swivel arrangements.
  • Turn off and disconnect supply line from swivel inlet.
  • Remove swivel assembly from reel axel.
  • Hold fitting body in a vice. Remove brass tube from body, and remove swivel nut from tube.
  • Replace the seals and reassemble swivel. Apply pipe sealant to brass tube threads,
thread into fitting body and tighten.
5. Re-connect swivel to reel axel, and tighten.
Note: Apply sealant to swivel nut before threading into axel.
6. Re-connect inlet supply line.
Replacement of Hose
  • Turn off supply to reel.
  • Pull out all of the old the hose and lock the reel in this position.
Caution: Make sure reel drum is securely locked and cannot rotate back.
  • Carefully disconnect hose from male fitting in axel center, and remove old hose.
  • Feed new hose through guide and opening in drum, and connect to male fitting.
  • Install stopper on other end of hose in the same position as before.
  • Carefully release the drum latch, and slowly allow the hose to wind onto the Reel.
Note: Final spring adjustment is accomplished by adding or removing wraps of hose around the drum. (Details see spring tension adjustment).
Spring Canister Warning
If the rewind spring fails for any reason: For safety reasons, the manufacturer strongly recommends the replacement of the spring canister be carried out by a professional mechanic.
Limited Warranty
  • The manufacturer warrantees this hose reel against defects in material and craftsmanship, for a period of 12 months from date of purchase.
  • Hose, if supplied with reel, O-rings, plastic rollers and rubber stopper are deemed to be normal wear items; not warranted.
  • Manufacturer’s liability is limited to replacement or repair of defective material within the warranty period, when returned freight prepaid to the distributor or their designated service depot.
4. The warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse or faulty installation. 5. The reel must be installed and maintained in compliance with the instructions.
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