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      WARNING! Do not extract caustic or flammable products. Do not expose the reservoir to any source of heat. While extracting high temperature oils, keep hands and face protected .Only use the device for the purpose for which it has been designed. Do not modify any component of the equipment. Only use original spare parts. Our technical office is at you full disposal for any information you may need. ATTENTION! Some cars have a built-in oil suction probe. In this case, connect the coupler of the oil changer B directly to the probe. For other makes of car (Volkswagen-BMW) equipped with a built-in probe having a different opening, connector(C-Volkswagen, D-BMW) must be used.

ASSEMBLY Fig.1: Insert the handle H into its seat and secure it with the screws provided. position the tool tray G. Fig.2: Attach the venture group to the tank. Make sure the gasket is properly positioned. Tighten the ring nut J using a suitable wrench. Fig.3: Connect the drain hose with the ball valve and adapter I on the base of the units tank. Fig.4: Connect the basin P to the ball valve Q. Then insert the whole group in the reservoir support and tighten screw with handwheel M by turning it clockwise. Secure the hose with the hose clamp provided.

CHARGING THE SYSTEM DRAINER Fig.5: Close the ball valve B. Position the oil drainer under a car located on a lift and drain the waste oil. SUCTION Fig.5: Open completely the valve K by turning it counter clockwise. Close the suction valve (ball valve) A. Close the air valve (ball valve) L. Close the drain valve (ball valve) B. Fig.6: Connect compressed air 100psi (7bar) to quick couple D, Open the ball valve C. Air will flow out from the muffler E. When the arrow of the vacuum gauge approaches the red field, after 2.5-3min, close the ball valve C ,then shut-off the compressed air. The unit is now depressurized and ready for use.

OPERATION Oil should always be removed when they are hot (70-80 ? C). The suction capacity of the unit is equal to 2/3 of its reservoir capacity. With the engine still warm, remove the dipstick and insert the largest possible probe as far down as it will go. Connect the suction hose to the probe. Open ball valve A, keeping the probe dipped in the oil. The oil is sucked from the sump into the graduated transparent chamber where it can be inspected. There are two ways of using the equipment;

  • After activation close valve K, oil will be sucked by the vacuum in the transparent chamber. Pressing on valve K the oil is immediately drained into the main reservoir, will make the transparent chamber ready for another operation. To transfer fluids from the transparent chamber to the reservoir tank press down on valve K and secure it with the metal lock provided. Always do this operation when the oil is hot.
  • It’s also possible to suck hot oil keeping the air hooked up to the device.

WARNING ! In this case, before draining the oil from the transparent chamber into the main reservoir, valve K must be open. Never fill the transparent chamber over the stop mark. Never fill the reservoir over the limit indicated by the side gauge.     EMPTYING IMPORTAN!! (Fig.7) Make sure that valve K is closed. Made sure that valve Q is closed. Open the valve B. Connect compressed air (7 psi-0,5Bar) to quick couple M ,open the ball valve F until all fluids have been transferred from the unit’s storage tank. The unit storage tank has been equipped with a safety valve calibrated at 14 PSI-1BAR.


    телефоны: +7(495) 760-70-69 , +7(916) 870-29-57