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WARNING! Do not extract caustic or flammable products. Do not expose the reservoir to any source of heat. While extracting high temperature oils, keep hands and face protected .Only use the device for the purpose for which it has been designed. Do not modify any component of the equipment. Only use original spare parts. Our technical office is at you full disposal for any information you may need. ATTENTION! Some cars have a built-in oil suction probe. In this case, connect the coupler of the oil changer B directly to the probe. For other makes of car (Volkswagen-BMW) equipped with a built-in probe having a different opening, connector(C-Volkswagen, D-BMW) must be used.

OPERATION Fig.1: Close the suction valve (ball valve) A. Hand tighten the drain cap B. Fig.2: Connect compressed air 100psi (7bar) to quick couple D, Open the ball Valve C. Air will flow out from the muffler E. When the arrow of the vacuum gauge approaches the red field, after 70-80 seconds, close the ball valve C, then shut-off the compressed air. The aspiration oil is now ready for use. 

OIL EXTRACTION Oils should always be removed when they are hot (70-80?C). The suction capacity of the unit is equal to 2/3 of its reservoir capacity. Insert the probe into the dipstick tube. Connect the probe to the unit. Open ball valve A taking care to keep the probe near the bottom of the sump. EMPTYING THE ASPIRATION OIL Remove the cap B and manually drain the oil. First open suction valve A. CAUTION! Do not completely overturn the reservoir. The drained fluids should not come into contact with the oil changer’s venturi valve. If this happens unscrew the muffler and blow it out with compressed air.  
    телефоны: +7(495) 760-70-69 , +7(916) 870-29-57